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Top 3 Spring Injuries to Avoid

Spring injuries can take all the fun out of getting outside and enjoying the milder weather. In your hurry to soak up some sun and spend time with family and friends, you can increase your risk for...

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Start the New Year Off Right

Start the new year off right with a will or trust that protects your personal assets. The year-end holidays are the perfect time to reflect on things you want to do differently in the new year. Re-evaluating...

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What Happens if I Can’t Pay a Judgment?

When defendants in a court case lose, they may find themselves on the receiving end of a court judgment that includes financial damages owed to the plaintiff. Usually, the courts include payment terms...

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How to Handle a Deposition

Fewer things in life can be scarier than receiving a Notice of Deposition. Attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants use them during the pre-trial discovery process to gather supporting evidence...

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Can My Lawyer Tell My Secrets?

One of the scariest things about confiding in an attorney is wondering whether that information can come back to haunt you later. Even if you are the victim in a personal injury lawsuit or suing to...

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