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Probate Attorney in Albuquerque – Scott Atkinson

Probate is the process of verifying a person’s last will and testament and appointing an executor. If the deceased does not have a will, probate determines how to distribute their assets and to whom. For more than 30 years, Albuquerque NM residents have turned to the best probate attorney in Albuquerque for help. Scott Atkinson is well-versed in the complex probate laws of New Mexico – one of only 18 states that use the Uniform Probate Code. He can help guide family members of the deceased through the probate process to ensure their best interests are protected.

What is a probate attorney?

A probate lawyer in Albuquerque is licensed by the state of New Mexico. Probate attorneys are legal representatives tasked with advising the executor of a will or its beneficiaries. Probate attorneys in Albuquerque have several responsibilities:

  • Identify and secure probate assets.
  • Obtain appraisals of the deceased’s assets.
  • File required court documents by the deadline.
  • Settling disputes between beneficiaries and personal representatives.
  • Selling estate property.
  • Distributing the deceased’s assets among the beneficiaries.

Reputable and reliable probate attorneys simplify an otherwise overwhelming process for the deceased’s loved ones and help make it a stress-free experience.

How does probate work in Albuquerque New Mexico?

The first step in probate in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the reading of the deceased’s will and acknowledgment of the executor. If there is no will, an executor is appointed by the courts. Once an executor is named, they must gather and value the deceased’s assets for the valuation process. A probate attorney is indispensable during this process. They can guide the executor to help ensure a smooth process. Once all property and other assets are appraised, the courts issue an order for distribution to beneficiaries.

Not every estate in New Mexico must go through probate. Estates that meet the small estate threshold are exempt. Additionally, some assets are not subject to probate. These are nuances that experienced Albuquerque, New Mexico probate lawyers comprehend.

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Who needs a probate attorney?

Executors of wills benefit from the guidance of an experienced probate lawyer in Albuquerque. Larger estates, and those with complicated directives, are difficult to navigate during probate. Albuquerque, New Mexico probate lawyers can speed up the process. Some of the issues a probate attorney can resolve include:

  • Determining whether a deceased’s assets are transferable outside of probate.
  • Deciding eligibility under the small estate threshold in New Mexico.
  • Mediating among family members if there is discontent about the will.
  • Evaluating if there is enough money in the estate to pay debts.
  • Settling any state or federal estate taxes owed.

Atkinson Law Firm provides a free initial consultation to review the details of your probate situation. If you decide after your consultation that you would like our guidance, we are pleased to work with you.

How our Albuquerque probate attorneys can help you

It is not as glamorous as you might think when you are named the executor of a will. There is a lot of responsibility attached to the role. When there is no will, it can complicate matters further. Our Albuquerque probate attorneys are ready to step in and simplify the process.

There are many benefits to hiring a probate attorney. As probate law specialists, they have the knowledge and experience to help navigate through the complexities of the probate process. A skilled probate attorney like Scott Atkinson takes the burden of probate and places it squarely on his shoulders to achieve a faster resolution with minimal disputes.

Choose the best Albuquerque New Mexico probate lawyers

Do not struggle through the probate process. Choose the best Albuquerque New Mexico probate lawyers to help. Scott Atkinson and his team can help minimize common problems and expedite the probate process. Our initial consultation equips you with the knowledge you need and is completely free of charge. If you bring our team on board, we promise to provide clear and concise guidance on the probate process. Reach out today to schedule your appointment today.

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