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Lawn Mower Injuries: Can You Sue?

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means. It’s time to fire up the lawnmower. Lawnmower injuries affect more than 35,000 Americans each year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Most of these injuries are to the feet from contact with a powered mower’s blades.

Sometimes lawn mower injuries are caused by operator error. Maybe you were foolish enough to mow the lawn in your bare feet or pull a running mower backward toward your body instead of propelling it forward only. Other times, law mower injuries can be caused by defective products or someone else’s negligence. When that happens, you may be able to sue to recover damages.

Defective mower vs. negligence

Victims of lawn mower accidents could file a products liability claim if their injuries were caused by a defective product. How do you know if your lawnmower injuries were because of a faulty mower? Standards for proving a product was not performing as intended by the manufacturer include:

  • Did it malfunction? If the lawn mower behaved in a way that caused injury to you through no fault of your own, it may have malfunctioned, which meets the standards for a personal injury lawsuit. For instance, if
  • Does it have a poor design? If the way the lawn mower is designed contributed to your injuries, then you have a personal injury claim against the manufacturer. For example, if safety features intended to protect your feet do not guard them and you become injured, the product designer may be at fault.

Sometimes victims of lawn mower accidents suffer injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Let’s say your neighbor mows his lawn with the deck facing your property. One day, you’re out in your yard doing some work. Your neighbor goes by with his lawn mower’s deck pointed toward you and throws out a large rock that hits you and causes an injury. You could file a personal injury claim to recover fair compensation for your injuries.

Never pull a powered lawnmower toward you. That’s a common mistake that can lead to severe foot injuries.

Common lawn mower injuries

Powered lawn mowers are handy tools. They help you make quick work of lawn maintenance during the spring and summer when you’d rather be doing anything besides yard work. Lawnmowers may be useful, but they also are dangerous. There are plenty of ways you can get injured during the lawn mowing season.

  • Broken bones. Slipping and falling on wet grass while operating a lawn mower can cause serious injuries, including broken bones.
  • Burns. Powered mowers get hot when in operation. Touching the hoods that cover the motor or exhaust areas can burn your skin.  
  • Crushing. Using a ride-on mower comes with additional risks, including tipping over and having the mower land on your body, crushing you.
  • Cuts to or dismemberment of feet or hands. These types of injuries can happen when the mower is running or when it’s turned off and being serviced.
  • Eye and face injuries. Debris in your yard can get thrown right in your face while mowing. It happens more frequently than you may realize. When it happens, it can seriously injure your eyes or your face.

Steps to take after a lawnmower accident

Lawnmower injuries require immediate medical attention, regardless of the level of severity. Even the most minor scrapes and abrasions can turn into life-threatening infections without proper treatment. Visiting a medical practitioner for your injuries also gets them on the official record should you decide to move forward with a product liability or personal injury claim.

Another step you must take after a lawnmower injury is to contact an experienced product liability or a personal injury attorney. Your attorney can review your case and determine whether you have a valid claim. They also can ensure you get all the documentation needed to support your claim.

Time is of the essence when you’re handling a personal injury or product liability claim. Don’t waste a minute getting the fair compensation you deserve. Call our offices at 505-944-1050 or request an appointment online.

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