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Can You Sue for Vacation Injuries?

Most people look forward to vacations every year. It’s a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sights and sounds of your vacation destination. No one likes to think about it, but vacation accidents happen more frequently than you may realize. What happens if your getaway turns into a disaster? Can you sue for vacation injuries?

If you got hurt while away and can’t afford medical treatment or need time off from work to recover, a personal injury attorney can help. You don’t have to suffer because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Let’s look at some of the most common vacation injuries and who you can turn to for help.

Automobile accidents

Automobile accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. That includes when you’re on vacation. If you’ve rented a vehicle to use while away, that can complicate matters. However, you should still follow the same basic principles for handling an accident no matter where they occur.

  • Call the local authorities to file an accident report.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the other drivers.
  • Get in touch with the car rental company to report the accident.
  • Take photos of the vehicles and the accident scene for your records.
Bungee jumping has its risks and rewards if you do it while on vacation.

Bungee jumping and ziplining

If you’re the adventurous type, your vacation might include some exhilarating bungee jumping or ziplining. Both activities have their risks and rewards. For instance, bungee jumping requires you to tie yourself to a cord and jump from a height that allows you to fall hundreds of feet in mere seconds. What could go wrong? Plenty.

Bungee jumpers always face the possibility that their equipment may fail. They also could strike objects on their descent or become entangled in the ropes, breaking bones.

Ziplining requires similar heights, but the delivery method is different. Instead of diving head-first toward the ground, you are suspended by a harness and pulley system attached to a cable that uses gravity to help you fly. Victims of zipline accidents can be seriously injured or even killed.

Enjoying rides at a theme park

Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and water slides are common at most theme parks. While fun, you risk injury any time you get on a ride. Theme park owners are required to maintain their equipment. However, failing safety standards and poor design are the number-one causes of amusement park accidents and injuries.

Requirements for ride inspections vary by state and country. In the U.S., the U.S. Department of Agriculture oversees the process.

Going on safari puts you in the wild with predators and other strong animals, making it easier to get injured.

Going on safari or visiting the zoo

Going on safari or visiting a zoo gives you a convenient way to observe different animals. In the case of a safari, you’re on location seeing animals in their natural habitats. Doing so can be exciting but also dangerous.

In zoos, the kinds of accidents that commonly occur involve young children falling into animal enclosures and even slips and falls on surfaces that aren’t properly maintained. Safari trips can be exceedingly more dangerous and often involve being close to predatory animals. If specially outfitted vehicles fail, you can quickly become prey.

Receiving substandard medical care

The only thing worse than getting hurt on vacation is receiving substandard medical care to treat your injuries. It can happen whether you’re in the U.S. at the time or out of the country. Poor medical care can make an illness or injury worse. You can discuss your options with a personal injury attorney if you feel you’ve been doubly victimized by inadequate healthcare services after suffering an initial accident on vacation.

The ocean is full of wonders (and many ways you can get hurt while on vacation).

Spending time in the water

Whether you’re wakeboarding, waterskiing, parasailing, or scuba diving, there’s no shortage of ways to get injured while spending time in the water. Even taking a boating tour can end in disaster if the equipment isn’t properly maintained or the tour operators fail to follow safety protocol like having all guests wear life jackets.

Sailing and operating a motorboat on your own also comes with risks. You can collide with other boaters, capsize, or if someone falls overboard.

Visiting an all-inclusive resort

All-inclusive resorts have gained in popularity in recent years. It’s not difficult to see why. All you must do is show up and your every need is met by the resort staff. Activities, lodging, and meals are all thoughtfully planned out and just waiting for you to partake.

Resorts must provide you with a safe environment. This includes every part of their property and any activities they offer you during your stay. If carelessness or negligence causes you serious injury while staying at an all-inclusive resort, you have recourse.

Turning to the professionals for help

It doesn’t matter whether you were involved in an automobile accident in your rental car or hurt while ziplining through the air. You have recourse for your vacation injuries which can include suing the responsible parties.

Some clients wonder if they can still sue if they signed a waiver. The answer is yes. When you sign a waiver, you’re acknowledging the risks of the activity, not absolving the other party of any responsibility.  

Scott Atkinson of Atkinson Law has more than 30 years of experience in personal injury cases. He and his dedicated team can help you sue for vacation injuries and take other appropriate actions to minimize your losses. Give us a call at 505-944-1050 or request your free case evaluation online.    

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